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Continental Underfloor Systems

With a Continental Underfloor system, you can experience the difference, safe in the knowledge that you have a system of the highest European quality, designed especially for your project.

Our system is suitable for all types of project and in all types of property, whether domestic or commercial. From thousands of square meters down to the smallest conservatory we can supply a cost effective solution.

We have designed and selected the components so that the Continental System is:

The system uses the highest quality components, chosen not just for their long-term reliability, but also for their simplicity. We match these with bespoke design, uncomplicated floor constructions and straightforward installation techniques.

Choosing Continental Underfloor ensures you get an underfloor heating system that heats your property efficiently and effectively, has a long life, is virtually maintenance free, and is quick and simple to install.

Our components and systems are manufactured and designed in accordance with all European & UK standards, including ISO9001 and DIN4726.

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