Benefits of SlimFix

At Continental Underfloor Heating we pride ourselves on being able to offer a wealth of underfloor services as flexible as our pipe - from our friendly sales team to our underfloor heating designers  - we all love what we do. However, one of the unsung heroes in all of this is our SlimFix®-TR underfloor heating panels.

Joisted Underfloor Heating

SlimFix®-TR panels are the perfect solution for installing UFH over a suspended floor. Where the floor deck is supported by engineered joints or timber, it can sometimes be an issue to provide an underfloor heating solution. SlimFix®-TR panels offer a much more adaptable solution because they are, well... slim. Furthermore, one single SlimFix®-TR panel contains pipe runs and returns, meaning that you don’t need to juggle two panels.


The 25mm SlimFix®-TR single panel offers a minimal height increase when installing underfloor heating above joists. Not only does this make for improved versatility when it comes to a potentially tricky install, it can reduce the time spent on the job, making for a much easier, quicker and dry installation. Equally, there is the option of standard 200mm pipe spacing for normal heat sources, as well as 150mm spacing for lower temperature heat sources.

Even Heat Distribution

The SlimFix®-TR UFH panel offers a foil faced bonded insulation. The application of the foil means that your customers can experience a more even heat distribution from their underfloor system. What this means for your customers is that the system offers greater energy efficiency which, in turn, has an impact on the amount of money the customer needs to spend to heat up each room.

The versatility of the SlimFix®-TR makes it the perfect solution for dealing with those sometimes tricky joisted projects, as well as delivering an excellent efficiency for your customer. If you would like to discuss this product or our other services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can contact us on 0333 800 1750, where we will be eagerly awaiting your call.

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