Night set back: night... what?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘night set back’ chucked around. But if you’re anything like most folk then you may be in the dark as to what it actually means. Well, unhelpfully its meaning doesn’t immediately jump out at you, and it sounds a bit more technical than it actually is.

It’s related to the setting of a thermostat. Night set back is where the user sets the temperature to lower automatically at night, or even when the house is empty through the day, in an attempt to reduce the energy consumption of the premises.

Through setting the heat output to reflect the need for heat, the user can experience a far more energy efficient use of their underfloor system. When used properly, night set back with under floor heating provides the highest level of efficiency, but it needs to be set up correctly.

Why not just switch the system off?

Through keeping the underfloor heating system on, and only lowering it a few degrees (from 18°C to 14°C for example), it prevents the building’s temperature from dropping too far. If it drops too low, the heat source has to work harder, and burn more energy for longer to get back to the desired and comfortable set-temperature.

Through ‘setting back’ the temp slightly, the temperature can be automatically raised just in time for when the usual comfortable temperature is required (back from 14°C to 18°C). So, when your customer gets up through the week at 6:30am, each room will be at the desired temperature already.

Night set back is second nature to underfloor heating systems when you have a programmable room thermostat in each room (and remember individual room control comes as standard with UFH). It’s just one of the naturally energy efficiency benefits of opting for this type of heating. So, if you find your customer is looking for an energy efficient heating system on a new build, or any project for that matter, it pays to nudge them towards underfloor heating. It’s both versatile and practical.

And at Continental we even have a simple way to make it easy to use rotary dial thermostats in a timed night set back mode.


For the ultimate in control, using our therM range of thermostats not only gives your customer a good looking fully programmable room thermostat, but also gives them “geo location”. The customer simply downloads the free therM app, and can simply set how far from home they want their heating to turn off (set back) when they leave, and how close to home they need to be before it turns back on.

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