Saving money on your heating

At Continal Underfloor Heating, we are passionate about creating the ultimate underfloor heating systems bespoke to our valued customer' specifications. With ever-increasing bills and with winter on the way it can be to assess just how to minimise the spending that is synonymous with the encroaching cooler weather.

underfloor insulation


A fantastic way to benefit from the money you are already pumping through your heating system is insulation. Allowing the hot air and warmth to escape from a property is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to heating inefficiently. It goes without saying, but through insulating and trapping the heat within your home, you are keeping your home warmer for longer. This can be done several ways, from roof and wall insulation, to opting for double glazing. Equally opting for a more robust front door can help reduce  the amount of heat you lose through allowing it to seep out.

Reduce your heat

You will quite often find that people are accustomed to around 21°C, but through either force of habit, or even without realising, people consistently set their thermostat higher. By reducing the temperature you can still experience the same level of comfort as if it were slightly higher, however you are providing your bank account with a little more wiggle room and not hitting it quite so hard as if you were to crank your heat to the max. Just give it a go, your wallet will thank you!

Opt for underfloor heating

Well, you knew it was coming, but it’s completely true! Underfloor heating is a much more energy efficient way of heating a house. You will find that underfloor heating heats your home in a way that provides significantly more comfort; preventing the excessive drying out of air, and distributing the heat more evenly throughout. Not only that, but underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature, making it more energy efficient and saving the end user money.

It’s easy enough to reduce your bills by just applying a bit of common sense and industry knowhow; we’ve given you the industry knowhow, so now it’s your turn! Reducing your heat and applying insulation are as easily sorted as it is to sort out your underfloor heating, so if you would like to discover the ways in which you can achieve the comfort that underfloor heating brings, give us a call!

You can contact us on 0333 800 1750 where one of our professional heating experts are on hand to guide you through the various systems and options, and it doen’t cost as much as you think.

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