The benefits of Beam & Block

At Continental Underfloor Heating we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality underfloor heating components. With a variety of floor types to cater for, it becomes essential to offer a range of options to suit your customer’s needs, take beam and block, for example.

Beam and block floors are great for installation of underfloor heating, acting as an alternative to wooden joists on intermediate or suspended floors. Screed or solid UFH systems are one of the easiest to install and are frequently applied to ground floors, however it is becoming more common to opt for beam and block as an intermediate floor. As a solid floor heating system, the use of screed makes it a particularly efficient mode of heating, but what other advantages can you or your customers expect from the beam and block system?

Beam & Block underfloor heating

Easy installation

Well, first of all, it’s easy to install. This can be useful to know when planning out the length of the job, as I’m sure you’ll agree. After all you don’t want to have to explain to your customer that you’ll be taking slightly longer than expected, do you? As well as saving time, beam and blocks level platform means that once the groundwork has been set, it is really easy to install, offering a flat surface and finish.

No need for specialist equipment

Continental Underfloor’s beam and block underfloor heating system allows for quick installation of our FlowMaster™ underfloor heating pipe, in combination with EasyFix™ staples or EasyFix™ Cliptrack. While other systems sometimes require the need of bespoke equipment, this doesn’t; it’s actually a system you’re already probably familiar with.

Flexible system

The flat platform makes it a particularly flexible system, enabling installation even on sloping ground. Not just that, the beam and block system can be installed with both traditional sand or cement or liquid screeds, making it a great  construction method.

Beam and block is a great underfloor heating system to install, offering an efficient and effective UFH system, there are of course many others that you may want to look at on our website. Alternatively, give one of our highly trained and friendly staff a call to discuss our services; you can get in touch with us on 0333 800 1750, or visit us over on Facebook and Twitter to keep in the loop with all things Continental Underfloor.

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