What's so bad about rotary dial thermostats

We all like to be in control of our lives, from deciding what to have for breakfast to the larger decisions, such as when and where to buy our dream home.

Once we’ve bought it, having control over the temperature is no different; who doesn’t want to have the option of wearing their shorts during those cold winter nights thanks to the simple flick of a switch or turn of a dial?

Advances in technology have transformed the underfloor heating industry, especially the way in which temperatures can be controlled. Who would have thought 20, or even 10 years ago, people would be able to control the room temperature remotely with our therM® smart app-controlled stats?

therM smart app controlled underfloor heating thermostat

Remember the iPhone was only launched twelve years ago!

Whilst wireless and digital heating controls have brought a new digital dawn for the homeowner, we also continue to offer the traditional rotary dial thermostat.

Why we hear you ask?

Well because, “what’s so bad about them?”

Low cost underfloor heating thermostat

Rotary dial thermostats provide an easy to use, low cost option, for heat control and can feature timed night setback.  This will automatically lower the room temperature at night when the need for heat is less, making it one of the most effective and efficient ways to heat a home.

Easy to install

Whether it’s a large home or small two-bedroom property, the HeatMax™ Rotary Dial Thermostat is designed to be installed quickly and easily.

Bringing it back to basics reduces future maintenance costs

Not only is it quick and easy to install, its simplicity makes it one of the most reliable forms of temperature control. No batteries, no additional equipment, no need for WiFi; it’s back to basics and this means it’s incredibly low maintenance.

Rotary dial thermostat

Simple to use

Underfloor heating systems don’t need to be complicated and this extends to the way they are controlled.

The rotary dial thermostat is part of the Continental HeatMax™ controls range and provides a simple way of adjusting individual heat zones within a Continental Underfloor system.

Once installed, the temperature can be easily adjusted via the rotary display. It also features a LED, which tells you when there is demand for heat.

Effective and safe

Safety is paramount when installing your heating system, especially in areas such as bathrooms and wetrooms, where hard wiring is not suitable.  The good news is the rotary dial thermostat provides a cost effective way of having controls that are safe to use in any wet environment, just by installing a remote-sensing cable.

Keep the kids away from the dials

Installing a system for a young family, where the parents aren’t going to be in favour of their youngsters setting temperatures soaring? The rotary dial thermost also comes in a tamper proof version, preventing any wandering hands from altering the temperature.

Take control

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