Wireless stats: fad or useful?

The underfloor heating industry isn’t immune to technological advances. From the development of app based controls - such as therM - to faster curing screeds, there are all sorts of useful improvements to apply alongside our future proof underfloor heating systems.

One of the buzzwords at the moment, as you’ll no doubt be aware, is the wireless stat. What is this mythical piece of technology? Well, it does exactly as it says on the tin. Think Ronseal. But what’s the deal with their popularity; is it just a momentary fad or are these wireless stats here to stay? What are the pro’s and cons?

The BIG benefit for wireless systems, the killer selling line is “ease of installation”. Without a doubt it is far easier to just fix a thermostat to a wall without having to worry about getting any wires to the room. And for a renovation or an extension this can be an easy option, although a wireless system will cost more than a wired system.

But in our experience we would recommend a wired system wherever possible. Why?

Four main reasons:

  1. ‍First is cost – a wireless system costs more for the thermostat and receiver unit
  2. Battery life – it may not matter to the installer, but the homeowner will be cursing you 2 years in (or sooner) when the battery needs replacing – we know how hard they can be to replace without breaking the thermostat casing, and how hard it can be to find the right size battery, and as room thermostats get more features (e.g. wifi app control) the battery life just gets less and less.
  3. Range – the range of the unit from the thermostat to the receiver is almost always an issue, despite the claims made for range, which strangely always seem to be “up to xxx metres”. The range drops off as the battery dies in some units. And interference from WiFi systems, mobile phones and the like also causes the units to not communicate. So you then get called back to fit an extension aerial, or replace the unit.
  4. Future proofing – it’s rare that controls manufacturers make new units backwards compatible, so if in 5 years your customer wants the latest system they have to re-buy the whole system – room control and receiver unit. Running 4 core and earth cable – as you would normally do for any wired thermostat, is still the simplest way to future proof a home.

At Continental we take a no nonsense approach to room controls, so if you want advice without the hype, give us a call. If we think a wireless system is right for the project, then we’ll advise you accordingly because we have both wired and wireless systems, but if it isn’t we will let you know.

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