Alton, Hampshire

Refurbishment and redevelopment
Alton, Hampshire

Product: SUPERflex™ 16mm pipe

Concerned with using underfloor heating in a refurbishment project and how to make it fit?  Let Continental Underfloor work with you to find a solution. It's what we do...

Continental Underfloor, alongside the developer and heating engineer, found the right system for this extensive refurbishment of a family home. In this case, it was SUPERflex™ pipe fixed to insulation between battens. Because of the varying floor levels in the property the developer and heating engineer, working alongside the Technical Sales Advisers (who were looking after them from start to finish), decided that the battened floor with drymix system was the best solution. Not only would this cope with the changes in floor levels, but would also give a reliable and efficient heat output. The SUPERflex™ pipe would make the installation simple.

The solution

Your Continental Underfloor Technical Sales Adviser will work with all parties in a project (the developer and the heating engineer, for example), to come up with the best underfloor heating system. Our advisers are trained to arrive at often very simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. Over 19 years' of knowledge in underfloor heating at Continental Underfloor makes us confident that we have dealt with most scenarios.

This refurbishment project was designed to use 16mm SUPERflex™ pipe between the battens, fixed to insulation with the pipes spaced at 200mm intervals to allow the underfloor heating to work at efficient levels. An "A" rated blending and circulation pump on the manifold further improved the capabilities of the system.

A simple-to-follow schematic and full instructions (along with a box of biscuits) are included with every designed system. Your adviser will be there every step of the way with expert tips and advice.  We aim to make the process as easy as possible - it's why our customers keep coming back.

The developer and heating engineer were delighted that this close collaboration with us had come up with an excellent underfloor heating solution.

Our advice

When you're working on a tricky project whether a new build or refurbishment, you want to feel confident that every detail of your heating system has been thought through. Use a specialist supplier like Continental Underfloor to make sure that this is the case.

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Alton, Hampshire