Anglesey, Wales

Converted Chapel
60m² Extension
Anglesey, Wales

Product: Fit-from-above AluPlate™

Thousands of extensions are built every year. They're a great way to allow additional space for growing families, or simply to increase the sales appeal of a house.

Many extension builders opt for underfloor heating as this can be an easy add-on. Simple installation combined with design freedom, results in efficient new spaces with no unsightly radiators taking up valuable room. However, the decision to install underfloor heating can throw up some challenges, especially when the building is 'knocked through', which can mean there's a mix of floor constructions.

In this case, the existing part of the house was joisted, while the new extension was a newly-laid concrete and screed floor. Plus, the client had never installed underfloor heating before...

The solution

Our experienced Technical Sales Adviser (TSA) suggested using our Fit From Above AluPlate™ as time was tight. This allows a fast and efficient install being pre-grooved ready to accommodate the pipework by simply being screwed down to the joist. We supplied this, along with our SUPERflex™ pipe, which has a very low bend radius - stapled down to the insulation on the new floor, this helps to keep it a stress-free installation.

Our TSA also advised using two thermostats because of the mix of floor constructions. This is due to the two different types operating at different response rates: the plates are faster reacting, and the screed is a slower but longer heat emitter.  The customer would receive an efficient heating system, supplied with only the best components.

The result

The client installed their first ever underfloor heating system with our straightforward manual and design. He especially appreciated the A3 laminated designs, which we supply to all our customers and are building-site proof!

Due to the quicker install, the client had the chance to step back and admire his handiwork with some of our complimentary biscuits (which we send with every designed system!). He said he can't wait for his next project, and he's looking forward to working with us again. Job Done.

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Anglesey, Wales