Renovation - Halifax, West Yorkshire

Underfloor heating case study

Product: AluPlate™ fit-from-above, battened floor

“Should we move or improve?”

That’s the question many homeowners are asking themselves these days, and an increasing number of them are opting for home improvements as the cheaper option. Underfloor heating is a popular option – it gives their property an added wow factor and a slice of affordable luxury.

Continal Underfloor was contacted by a plumber who was involved with a house renovation in Halifax. His client had made the decision to stay put and upgrade his property, and underfloor heating was understandably high on the wish list. The problem was that when they removed the existing floor, they found it wasn’t suitable for a replacement screed due to the low ceilings.

The plumber didn’t want to compromise on room height, so he contacted one of our Technical Sales Advisers to find out what the options were for underfloor heating.

The solution

We’d worked with this plumber before – and that’s why he chose to contact us again. He explains: “There are a lot of low profile underfloor systems on the market. What we like about Continal is that they keep things simple. We find their suggestions work.”

Our recommendation for this project was suitably straightforward. The team in Halifax battened the floor, insulated between the battens, and then fitted our EasyFix™ AluPlates™ to the battens. This allowed them to use the battens as a fixing point for the engineered board finish.

As a bonus, this technique enabled the plumber to use larger battens in one area, ensuring that the floor would be level throughout. This is a particularly good solution for older properties with uneven floors, like this one.

The result

The system delivered everything our client was looking for – the room height was maintained, the customer had a cost-effective heating system (that would reduce their heating bills by up to 30%), and they had the high-end finish that the customer wanted.

“There are a lot of low profile underfloor systems on the market. What we like about Continal is that they keep things simple. We find their suggestions work.”

Our advice

With many people opting for home improvements, it’s good to know that fitting underfloor heating into an existing property can be really straightforward. If you’re installing underfloor heating in an older property with height restrictions, ignore the myths – there are alternative systems that are incredibly flexible and give great results.

At Continal Underfloor, we understand the construction industry and offer advice based on value for money, ease of installation, and suitability. For further details please speak to our experienced Technical Sales Advisers on 0333 800 1750.

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