Development of two identical new houses
350m² per property

Product: SlimFix™ 25mm composite panel

A developer was constructing two identical two-storey properties.  The ground floors were to have conventional liquid screed floors, with the underfloor heating pipes laid onto the insulation and the screed poured on top. The upstairs heating was originally specified as radiators, as the first floor deck had already been laid.

However, the developer decided that he’d like underfloor heating throughout the properties.

The solution

The developer spoke with the contractors who had installed the ground floor system, and they suggested that he got in touch with us. He called Continental Underfloor for advice, and one of our Technical Sales Advisers told him about the SlimFix™ system.

The SlimFix™ 25mm panels allow for minimum floor build up and a quick installation. The developer was impressed with this idea, and asked for a quote – which he received within 3 hours, using our FastTrack quote system.

It then became a simple decision to accept underfloor as the way forward, and the order was in motion for delivery ASAP. With a turnaround of just 48 hours, the system was on site and being installed that same week. The developer was impressed with the speed of our response.

“If I had this service with all the suppliers I use, my life would be an awful lot easier,” he told us.

The result

The two houses had a high-end finish with underfloor heating throughout, just as the developer wanted.

The pre-formed grooves of the SlimFix™ panel resulted in a quick and straightforward installation. The final floor covering of engineered board could then be laid directly onto the panels.

“There’s an assumption that underfloor heating is expensive, time-consuming, and just downright awkward to install on upper storeys. Wrong. Enter SlimFix™.”

Our advice

Don’t omit underfloor heating systems from upper floor specifications because you assume the cost or additional installation time is prohibitive.

The reality is that systems like the SlimFix™ panel make installation straightforward - and it’s always worth comparing the cost of underfloor with more conventional heating systems.

Using a specialist supplier like Continental Underfloor means you will always get the best advice. We understand your industry, and will always make recommendations based on cost, convenience, and suitability.

To find out more please visit www.ufh.co.uk, or speak with one of our knowledgeable Technical Sales Advisers on 0333 800 1750.

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