Little Spinney, Isle of Wight

2 x plots
69m² per plot
Little Spinney, Isle of Wight

Product: therM® app-controlled thermostat

Underfloor Heating has developed over the years, and in this time it has become even more effective and smarter. From having the latest energy efficient water pump, to thermostats that automatically turn on when you get within a set distance of your home, it's always evolving.

In this case, our client required something a little bit different. Having worked with Continental Underfloor for years, he's seen the technology develop, and needed something smarter for this particular project. His customer was intending to rent out two properties; and as the properties are on the Isle of Wight and the customer on the mainland, they needed something smart and app-controlled to manage the heating.

The solution

We explained about the range of thermostats available, and as they needed something app-controlled, we recommended therM. These digital thermostats are completely programmable, allowing you to choose what times the heating comes on and goes off, and also to set the temperature. These state-of-the-art controls can connect to the internet over WiFi, so you can control your heating remotely with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. A high specification control system would give the landlord much more control over their properties.  

If you're thinking of thermostats for holiday lets, a therM system gives you the ability to turn the heating on and off without you having to visit the properties, saving you time and money. They fit the specification perfectly.

A smart control system may involve extra initial expense; however the savings are excellent. A fully-controllable thermostat, which you can work from anywhere in the world, will soon give you a payback.

Our advice

At Continental Underfloor, we always make sure that things are perfect for your project from start to finish. Our experienced Technical Sales Advisers will give you the best advice to help you make an informed decision. We offer full controls, from a simple analogue to a full smart thermostat that lets you turn your heating on from here to Timbuktu.

Whatever your scenario, simply give us a call today and talk to our experts.

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Little Spinney, Isle of Wight

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