Plymouth, Devon

St Andrew & St Luke Church
Plymouth, Devon

Product: AluPlas® pipe with ClipTrack

A church renovation is fraught with potential issues: the buildings are old, much of the furniture is fixed, the floors are generally stone, and the floors have been in place for a very long time. Another reality is that most traditional churches are cold…

This prompted the curators of St Andrew & St Luke to consider underfloor heating when they undertook an extensive renovation. The floors were raised, and while they were considering renewable energy as a heat source, they decided on a high temperature solution due to the poor insulation levels.

There were no guarantees that underfloor heating would be the perfect solution - but this was true of any heating system. With very high ceilings and single glazed stained glass windows, there would be high heat loss - but any system would be an improvement to the current situation. Underfloor heating looked like the best option because it is mainly radiant rather than convective heat.

The solution

The heating engineer had worked with Continental Underfloor several times before. The architect had suggested 6 manifold zones for the entire 400m² area which the engineer realised immediately would be insufficient.

After a discussion with a Technical Sales Adviser (TSA) at Continental Underfloor, it was decided that the pipe centres would be reduced to optimise the output, and a total of 25 manifold zones would be required across 3 separate manifolds.

Raising the floors enabled them to be insulated. They chose to use EasyFix™ ClipTrack as all heated areas were large open spaces and it would maintain constant pipe centres. The ClipTrack could be stuck to the insulation with an integral adhesive label and the pipe then clipped into place.

With large open spaces and high ceilings, any heating system will be challenged. The advantage with underfloor heating is that the entire floor becomes your heat emitter, giving you an even heat distribution. The radiant heat produced from underfloor heating also negates the issue of air being moved around the room and heating the highest points first.

Our advice

When you're considering a heating system for unusual spaces, it's a good idea to look at a few alternatives. However, underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular choice for this sort of building, as it can provide a more comfortable and efficient heat than other options.

Continental Underfloor is an underfloor heating specialist with over 15 years of experience - and we have designed tens of thousands of systems over that time. Whether you have a specific project in mind or just want some advice, speak to one of our experienced Technical Sales Advisers on 0333 800 1750.

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Plymouth, Devon