Solent Lawns, Isle of Wight

Development of 9 properties
150-200m² over 2-3 floors
Solent Lawns, Isle of Wight

Product: Fit-from-below EasyFix™ AluPlate™

The Solent Lawns development properties had been designed as "upside-down" houses, giving the first floor living areas stunning views - an increasingly popular house design. The specification for all 9 properties was radiator heating throughout.

When the plumbing contractor was approached to tender for the works, he suggested underfloor heating as an alternative heating solution. The first property already had its roof, creating an issue as the levels had not allowed for any increase in height on the first floor. A subfloor had been laid onto the joists, which meant that the only access was from below.

The solution

Having suggested underfloor, the plumbing contractor was now under pressure to find an appropriate install method. He wanted expert advice, so contacted Continental Underfloor, optimistic that we'd find a solution.

And of course we did - and that solution came in the form of fit-from-below AluPlate™. This could be fixed to the underside of the subfloor, and the pipe could then be clipped in from underneath.

Using this solution on the upper floors of the first property proved ideal, and the remaining properties also had this system installed. The contractor commented:

"I was beginning to regret pushing underfloor heating, but thankfully Continental had a solution which gave the properties an edge - and helped me to get more business through the developer"

Even late in the build process when subfloors have already been laid, there are straightforward solutions to incorporate an energy efficient underfloor heating system.

Our advice

Thanks to continuous developments within the underfloor heating industry, there are efficient and cost-effective systems for all properties.

At Continental Underfloor, we offer a range of solutions for solid, joisted, or floating floors - but we will offer those solutions only when they have been tried, tested, and proven.  This gives you confidence in recommending us to your customers, and reassurance that we will support your professional approach.

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Solent Lawns, Isle of Wight