Windy Hall, Powys

Full renovation
80m² ground floor, 37m² first floor
Windy Hall, Powys

Products: therM® controls, AluPlas®, AluPlate™ fit-from-above

The customer was doing an extensive renovation that involved completely replacing the ground floor and adding a small extension on the first floor, incorporating a larger master bedroom and ensuite.

The ground floor was to be excavated, insulated, and a new screed would be laid. Upstairs, the first floor extension was to use timber joists. One of the crucial requirements for the customer was to have an intelligent control system, which would need to control the existing radiator heating as well as the new underfloor system.

The solution

The underfloor system was designed to be stapled to the insulation on the ground floor and to have AluPlates™ on the first floor between the joists. This variation of installation method required two manifolds to optimise the control over the individual areas.

Having used Continental a number of times, the installer commented, “The advantage to using a specialist supplier is that you get the correct advise. I thought one manifold would be sufficient on this job but when the different heat up times and level issues were explained to me, it made absolute sense to have two manifolds.”

The therM® control range from Continental Underfloor was used not only to control the underfloor zones individually, but was simple to retrofit on the existing thermostat that was controlling the radiator system. The option to download the app resulted in the whole house being controlled from one remote. The therM® controls are also available with a remote sensor so that the first floor ensuite could be controlled individually.

Our advice

Intelligent controls will be increasingly requested by your customers. People are keen to have controls that are simple and straightforward, and that can also be run remotely using a phone.

The therM® range is ideal for existing properties where customers want to upgrade their current thermostats. They are simple to retrofit as they require standard 3 core wiring and will fit onto a standard back box. In a new installation, they have the flexibility to run multiple underfloor, radiator, and hot water zones all from the same app.

Using a product like therM® from an established underfloor heating supplier like Continental Underfloor means that you get the latest technology backed up with the service and advice that you only get from a well established company.  We’ve been in business for over 19 years, and combine top quality products with essential expertise.

For further details of the full product range please visit, or pick up the phone and speak to one of our experienced Technical Sales Advisers on 0333 800 1750.

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Windy Hall, Powys

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