AluPlate™ fit-from-above

The AluPlate™ fit-from-above system is part of our suspended floor systems, and is typically installed from above between traditional joists at 400mm spacing. AluPlate™ fit-from-above system clips our 16mm pipe in position, ensuring excellent surface contact with the pipe and the floor deck. This maximises heat transfer and performance.

The system is incorporated within the floor construction and therefore does not affect the finished floor height. The AluPlate™ fit-from-above system is covered with the load-bearing floor deck, which can then be covered with your choice of flooring.

The AluPlate™ system can also be used in a sprung floor system where battens are used to support the plate, and in the cradle and batten systems typically used for acoustic decks.

Key system characteristics:

  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for traditional joists
  • New build or retrofit option
  • Excellent pipe and floor deck contact for optimum performance
  • Zero floor height addition
  • Sprung floor solution with battens
  • Incorporated in acoustic cradle and batten systems
  • Options for 400mm and 600mm joists
  • Options for low and high flow temperatures systems
AluPlate™ fit-from-above
AluPlate™ fit-from-above
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AluPlate™ fit-from-above

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