HeatMax™ programmable

The HeatMax™ programmable room control system provides users with the ability to easily and accurately control temperature levels in each room or control zone. It also allows time control over each zone, ensuring that heat is provided only where it’s required.

Each thermostat controls the flow of water to each control zone via the system’s HeatMax™ wiring centre, through low energy actuators positioned on the manifold. The wiring centre provides switching to the boiler and underfloor heating pump, ensuring the system’s demands are automatically communicated with the heat source.

Key system characteristics:

  • Easy, intuitive operation, with large easy-to-read display
  • Accurate time and temperature control of each zone
  • Setback temperature setting
  • Keylock feature
  • Simple connectivity of all wiring via the wiring centre
  • Boiler and pump switching with boiler interlock
  • Low energy actuation on each circuit
HeatMax™ programmable
HeatMax™ programmable
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HeatMax™ programmable

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