SlimFix®-TR is part of our overfloor systems offer, and can be installed over existing solid or timber deck floors, or as part of a floating floor construction.

SlimFix®-TR is a composite system panel with an insulating layer and a heat-dissipation layer, which maximises heat output and temperature variance. SlimFix®-TR is ideal for larger, whole-house projects where a dry system is preferred over screed due to weight, site access or time frames. It can be used for both renovation and new build projects.

The system can be the base for a wood floor of minimum 18mm thickness, or installed with a suitable coverboard such as 18mm chipboard or DriDEK™-20 board (the SlimFix®-TR solution has excellent acoustic characteristics).

The universal SlimFix®-TR panels provide pipe routing for return loops and distribution, resulting in a simple installation.

Key system characteristics:

  • Suitable for retrofit and new build projects
  • Lightweight dry system
  • Insulative and emissive composite panel for maximum performance
  • Universal panel for simple installation
  • 25mm thick
  • Cost effective
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