UltraSlim™-15 is part of our overfloor offer and is typically installed over existing solid or timber deck floors. UltraSlim™-15 is our lowest profile floating floor system at just 15mm in thickness and combines a high strength MDF base, and heat dissipation layer to maximize output and temperature variance.

UltraSlim™-15 is a low profile system with fast response, suitable for all heat sources and is ideal for renovation and new build, whole house or single room projects.

The universal UltraSlim™-15 panels provide pipe routing for return loops and distribution, providing simple installation.

Key system characteristics:

  • Floating floor system suitable for any floor construction
  • 15mm panel
  • High output emissive composite panel for maximum performance
  • Low profile system
  • Quick response
  • High performance system suitable for all heat sources
  • Universal panel for simple installation
  • Pipe centre variants to optimize design requirements
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