Water distribution system

Continental Underfloor® offers a range of HeatMax™ manifold sizes to suit all installations.

Distribution manifolds are used in all underfloor heating systems above 30m2, irrespective of floor type. Water control and mixing can either be at each manifold, or centralised in the boiler room.

Our high-quality stainless steel manifolds are supplied complete with a wall-mounting bracket.

Filling, venting and isolation valves, can be installed on the left or right, provide flexible installation.

Our manifolds suit all pipe sizes, and connect to the pipe with simple eurocone adaptors.

All manifolds include CrystalClear™ flow meters on each flow port, which give you a visual indicator of the flow rate for each circuit. The subsequent return balancing valve has adaptors for zone actuators.

Key system characteristics:

  • Mounted on soundproofed and galvanised brackets
  • Flat faced 1” male connection thread at each end
  • ¾” connections for eurocones at 50mm spacing
  • Supply rail has 0L/min to 4L/min CrystalClear™ flow meters with shut off valve
  • Return rail has flow valves with shut off valve
  • Can be used with all HeatMax™ mixers including low temp and centralised unit
Water distribution system
Water distribution system
Water distribution systemSystem datasheetCase studyProduct datasheet
Water distribution system

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Underfloor heating systems for any project

Here at Continental Underfloor we understand that not every UFH project is the same and different solutions must be used for each application. That's why we supply a variety of underfloor heating systems so that you can choose the one that is best for your project.

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