Central water temperature control system

The central water temperature control system provides accurate and balanced hydronic circulation for the whole system, ensuring that both temperatures and flow rates are correctly managed. The system provides a solution for centralised water distribution to underfloor manifolds and hot water demand. This modular system of mixing and direct pump stations with connecting manifolds means you don’t need “on manifold” water temperature control.

The FlowBox™ mixed station controls the temperature of water to the underfloor circuits, ensuring the correct temperature via the 3-way rotary mixing valve and actuator. This can either be a set temperature or a climate-dependent temperature, via the optional outside sensor.

The FlowBox™ direct station ensures that the best circulation at heat source temperature is delivered to high-temperature devices such as radiators, towel rails and hot water storage.

Both the mixing and direct pump stations have two shut-off valves with thermometers, check valves, high-class insulation shells and high-efficiency circulation pumps.

Both can be used with the FlowBox™ manifold to provide both low and high temperature circuits.

Key system characteristics:

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Balanced hydronic system control
  • Mixed pump station with rotary valve at set temp or external weather compensation
  • Direct pump station for high temp devices
  • High efficiency circulation pumps
  • 2 or 3-way manifold for simple and time saving installation
Central water temperature control system
Central water temperature control system
Central water temperature control systemSystem datasheetCase studyProduct datasheet
Central water temperature control system

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