Energy efficient and renewable heating

With an ever-increasing population and diminishing sources of traditional and fossil fuels, it is becoming more essential for homes and businesses to consider more energy efficient heating methods for their property. As a result, there has been an escalating focus on the incorporation of renewable heating, with a number of renewable and green heat sources available on the market.

Latest energy efficient heating systems

At Continental Underfloor we provide only the most modern of renewable heating solutions. As such, we offer a complete green heating design-and-supply package for those considering an underfloor heating system in their new build, project, renovation or extension.

As with all of our underfloor heating designs we work specifically for you, to your individual requirements, so regardless of your floors construction or current heat source, our underfloor heating designers can design a system that will heat your property in the most efficient way.

Renewable heating home

Renewable heating by the energy saving trust

Any green heat source needs to be connected to the right emitter to achieve maximum energy efficiency, and with its ability to run at a lower flow temperature, underfloor is the natural energy efficient heating choice. As such, the benefits of renewable underfloor heating have not been overlooked by the Energy Saving Trust, who state, “Underfloor heating can be more efficient than radiators because the water doesn’t need to be so hot.”

The choice of controls will further improve your heating systems’ energy efficiency. At Continental Underfloor you are guaranteed the latest in technological innovation, offering your system a geo-location feature which turns your renewable heating system off as you leave the property.

If you would like to explore the benefits of green heating with Continental Underfloor further and discuss how it can improve energy efficiency with any heating system, please don’t hesitate to contact your regional Technical Sales Adviser on 0333 800 1750.