PUG / dry mix

The PUG / dry mix floor system for suspended floors is a simple and cost-effective method of maximising the heat output and thermal capacity that can be lost with a suspended floor.

The system is installed from above, and can either be laid within the floor construction, or between battens above an existing floor where height permits. The system uses readily available and familiar materials, making it a simple and low-cost solution.

An 8:1 dry PUG sand and cement mix is laid around the pipes which provides good surface contact and thermal storage. The pipes can be run at centres to suit the joists or battens, giving you a simple and versatile installation.

Depending on the available build height, the system can incorporate insulation directly below the pipe system or below the deck, allowing for the design and performance requirements of the building. The pipes can be clipped using EasyFix™ staples or EasyFix™ P-clips.

Key system characteristics:

  • Simple installation
  • Familiar and available components
  • Versatile installation
  • New build or retrofit solution
  • Provides good thermal capacity in suspended floors
  • Versatile pipe layout and pipe density
PUG / dry mix
PUG / dry mix
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PUG / dry mix

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