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Underfloor heating Testimonials

For over 17 years we have been leaders in our industry, designing and supplying underfloor heating systems. We are the UK’s leading direct specialist of UFH systems to the trade and are proud of what our customers say about our products and service.

There is a reason that over 80% of our business is repeat trade customers, but you don’t have to take our word for it...

"Simply brilliant, I couldn't have asked for more."
- Plumber, Essex - 15/4
"The added cookies were a great touch, many thanks."
- Builder, Devon - 15/4
"I'm very glad to have trust in you and the products you provide."
- Builder, Glasgow - 14/4
"Your offer has gotten me the job, I can't thank you enough!"
- Installer, Isle of Wight - 14/4
"I posted a late night question expecting a reply in the morning and was very pleased to have an instant helpful response."
- Installer, Norfolk - 13/4
"I'd like to thank you for taking the trouble out of your busy day to talk me through the correct process in setting up my system."
- Plumber, Oxford - 13/4
"Needed a last minute revision to the plans, no problem for you and sorted in no time. Thanks again."
- Builder, Ipswich - 12/4
"You have surpassed my expectations, very happy with the service and products."
- Installer, Harrogate - 12/4
"Thank you for your considerable help with this job - particularly in helping my electrician with his queries."
- Installer, Berkshire - 11/4
"I am over the moon with the service and quality of equipment, much better than what I've used in the past."
- Builder, Wiltshire - 11/4
"Laminated CAD drawing and biscuits in the box!! I'll be sure to use you again."
- Installer, Cumbria - 10/4
"After using several suppliers, will now only use you because of the superior products and service."
- Plumber, Hull - 10/4
"You guys know what you are doing and you do it well. Many thanks."
- Heating Engineer, Halifax - 9/4
"Just a brief note to thank you for your great service."
- Installer, Edinburgh - 9/4
"The support we have received from this company has been second to none."
- Builder, Birmingham - 8/4
"Continental Underfloor are great suppliers, always there to help me and nothing seems a hassle to them."
- Plumber, Kent - 8/4
"Very pleased, I have recommended you to others on your products and service you provide."
- Installer, Essex - 7/4
"Thank you and your colleagues for your thoroughly good service and attention to detail."
- Plumber, Reading - 7/4
"Thanks for the biscuits, really nice touch."
- Plumber, Bristol - 6/4
"It seems like you always go the extra mile for us, a quote back in 3 hours. Wow!"
- Builder, Stockport - 6/4
"If only all our suppliers were as on the ball as you lot! You always get me my kit on time."
- Plumber, Wales - 5/4
"First time I've used you guys, it won't be the last, everything went without a hitch."
- Heating Engineer, Bath - 5/4
"Always a friendly voice on the end of the phone to help when needed."
- Plumber, Sheffield - 4/4
"Used other UFH companies in the past but thought we'd give Continental Underfloor a go, glad we did spot on so far!"
- Builder, Manchester - 4/4
"Never normally bother with feedback but felt I needed to drop you a line to say how much help you've been on my latest project."
- Installer, Scotland - 3/4
"Thank you and your colleagues at Continental for your thoroughly good service and attention to detail."
- Installer, Ireland - 3/4
"Customer is very pleased and I hope this will lead into future sales for us both."
- Builder, Sheffield - 2/4
"Really knowledgeable team, always answer any questions promptly."
- Plumber, Devon - 2/4
"You've taken a huge weight off of my shoulders, cheers."
- Builder, Glasgow - 1/4
"Sent you guys a text of the plans and got my quote back before lunch..."
- Installer, Bristol - 1/4
"I'm writing to say how impressed I am with the service I have had from you and your company."
- Plumber, Surrey - 31/3
"A pleasure doing business with a company that cares about their customers, and their projects."
- Installer, Leicester - 31/3
"I just wanted to ring you personally and say thank you so much for all the help you and Phil gave me over the last two weeks."
- Heating Engineer, Hull - 30/3
"Thank you very much for doing that for me. You've made my life much easier, thanks very much and I will be in touch soon."
- Heating Engineer, Wales - 30/3
"You were so helpful and patient with me and provided excellent service answering all my questions."
- Builder, Peterborough - 29/3
"Thank you for sending this through. Much appreciated."
- Plumber, Wales - 29/3
"Thank you so much, I'll be back to make another order very soon!!"
- Plumber, Kent - 29/3
"Very many thanks. Your company is an example to others on how to treat customers. Brilliant."
- Plumber, Cardiff - 28/3
"Continental take the hassle out of the order process for us, we wouldn't use anyone else."
- Installer, Liverpool - 28/3
"All of the products have been of very high quality and very easy on the installation side."
- Plumber, Bristol - 27/3
"Very few companies offer the service you do, it was a pleasure to deal with Continental."
- Heating Engineer, Kent - 27/3
"Got another job coming up soon and it's yours, very happy with services and products supplied for the last job."
- Installer, Coventry - 26/3
"Great service and products. I've worked on many a site where Continental has been involved."
- Plumber, Leeds - 26/3
"Arrived on site this morning with a lovely box of biscuits, nice touch."
- Plumber, Slough - 25/3
"You've taken a huge weight off of my shoulders, cheers guys."
- Builder, Bradford - 25/3
"Asked for a quote Friday morning, by the afternoon it was a done deal, can't ask for better service than that."
- Plumber, Birmingham - 24/3
"The free pack of cookies we get with every system always go down well, thanks Continental Underfloor."
- Heating Engineer, Glasgow - 24/3
"Thanks for helping us meet our deadline guys, this time you really went the extra mile for us."
- Installer, Sussex - 23/3
"Always on the end of the phone whenever my company needs them, top marks!"
- Plumber, Norfolk - 23/3
"Needed our system in a rush, Continental came up trumps again!"
- Builder, Coventry - 22/3
"Continental kit is always delivered on time, wish all of our suppliers were as on point as them."
- Plumber, Yorkshire - 22/3
"We get on really well with our Technical Sales Adviser and they even send us the occasional pack of biscuits!"
- Plumber, Somerset - 21/3
"We always have everything delivered on time and to the correct specification."
- Heating Engineer, Manchester - 21/3
"The design service is very useful, it enables a CAD design to be sent to site for the guys to work from."
- Plumber, Dorset - 20/3
"From the moment the client decides that they want underfloor heating, Continental see the process through from start to finish."
- Builder, Hull - 20/3
"Thanks for getting this back to us so quickly! Have a lovely weekend."
- Installer, Wales - 19/3
"Thank you very much for doing that for me, you've made my life much easier, thanks you and I will be in touch soon."
- Installer, Essex - 19/3
"Great work, a quote back to us very quickly... and late on a Friday. Thank you."
- Plumber, Bath - 18/3
"Thanks for the prompt and thorough quote as always."
- Plumber, Dorset - 18/3
"Really easy to deal with, not only do you listen to our needs but also input your own knowledge."
- Installer, Wales - 17/3
"Very quick turnaround of quotes and expert knowledge to back it up."
- Installer, Surrey - 17/3
"Yours and the company's service and promptness were flawless..."
- Heating Engineer, Nottingham - 16/3
"Continental understands how we work and that really sets them apart from the competition."
- Plumber, Coventry - 16/3
"A pleasure dealing with you and your company, thanks again for all your help on this last project."
- Installer, Bradford - 15/3
"Overall a very good service, keen pricing, prompt delivery. Highly recommended."
- Installer, Birmingham - 14/3
"Thank you for the speedy response sending the goods. The customer was amazed when I delivered them so promptly."
- Plumber, Portsmouth - 14/3
"I choose Continental because they are just dedicated to underfloor heating."
- Heating Engineer, Surrey - 13/3
"Continental Underfloor are great suppliers, always there to help and nothing seems a hassle to them."
- Builder, Bristol - 13/3
"The support we've received from this company has been second to none."
- Plumber, Cambridge - 12/3
"We had fantastic service when we ordered supplies from this company for our plumber to fit."
- Builder, Southampton - 12/3
"We always deal with the same person, so we get to know them on a personal level."
- Installer, Sheffield - 11/3
"The best customer relationship/service I have ever received with any purchase...ever!"
- Installer, Bath - 11/3
"Seriously is just a great bit of kit..."
- Plumber, York - 10/3
"Thank you very much for your excellent service!"
- Installer, Swansea - 10/3
"Thank you for your extremely prompt response. If only I could progress the whole project as quickly as this!"
- Heating Engineer, Oxford - 9/3
"I just wanted to email to really thank you for what you have done to help me in all questions."
- Installer, Harrogate - 9/3
"I've already recommended you to my friends in the trade, thank you!"
- Plumber, Leeds - 8/3
"Brilliant! Perfect as always, thank you for everything..."
- Builder, Sheffield - 8/3
"I’m overjoyed with how the system works on both floors, your service and the kit exceeded my expectations."
- Heating Engineer, Lincoln - 7/3
"Thanks so much as usual for the speedy turnaround with the quote. Getting them back the same day helps us greatly!"
- Plumber, London - 6/3
"You always take care of me and the job."
- Plumber, Bedfordshire - 4/3
"Firstly many thanks again for all your great works with UFH and the speed you get them done, thank you."
- Builder, Yorkshire - 6/3
"We will be a returning customer in the future. Thank you once again."
- Heating Engineer, Lincoln - 5/3
"I've got to say you really have gone out of your way."
- Plumber, Bristol - 5/3
"Brilliant, just simply brilliant."
- Plumber, Looe - 4/3
"Just installed your kit in my own home, simply brilliant."
- Installer, Rutland - 3/3
"You answered my questions before I had even got to site, cheers guys."
- Builder, Bath - 3/3
"Quality again as expected. Thank you."
- Installer, Wiltshire - 2/3
"Fantastic after care service, always there to help me out."
- Heating Engineer, Gloucester - 2/3
"Your offer has gotten me the job, I can't thank you enough."
- Installer, Bath - 1/3
"Dealing with the same TSA means you get to know them on a personal level..."
- Builder, Southampton - 1/3
"Your customer service alone is enough reason to use you and your products."
- Installer, Isle of Wight - 28/2
"Thank you very much for everything."
- Plumber, Cumbria - 28/2
"I trust you to get the job done."
- Heating Engineer, Birmingham - 27/2
"Seriously a great bit of kit..."
- Plumber, Croydon - 27/2
"I'm that impressed I've got you guys on speed dial!"
- Builder, Telford - 26/2
"Reassuring to work with not only a great Technical Sales Adviser, but a great company too."
- Heating Engineer, Cambridge - 26/2
"That’s marvellous, thank you so much, what would we do without you!"
- Builder, Essex - 25/2
"Excellent company to deal with. The correct expert advice given by friendly staff, a breath of fresh air."
- Installer, Oxford - 25/2
"Wish all my other suppliers were as easy to deal with!"
- Installer, Glasgow - 24/2