Underfloor heating testimonials

For over 19 years we have been leaders in our industry, designing and supplying underfloor heating systems. We are the UK’s leading direct specialist of UFH systems to the trade and are proud of what our customers say about our products and service.

There is a reason that over 80% of our business is repeat trade customers, but you don’t have to take our word for it...

"Brilliant! Perfect as always, thank you for everything..."
- Builder, Sheffield
"Great products, arrived on site this morning."
- Plumber, Yorkshire
"Continental kit is always delivered on time, wish all of our suppliers were as on point as them."
- Plumber, Yorkshire
"You answered my questions before I had even got to site, cheers guys."
- Builder, Bath
"Continental understands how we work and that really sets them apart from the competition."
- Plumber, Coventry
"Last minute rush didn't seem to faze Continental!"
- Plumber, Nottingham
"You have surpassed my expectations, very happy with the service and products."
- Installer, Harrogate
"I trust you to get the job done."
- Heating Engineer, Birmingham
"I've already recommended you to my friends in the trade, thank you!"
- Plumber, Leeds
"All of the products have been of very high quality and very easy on the installation side."
- Plumber, Bristol
"You've taken a huge weight off of my shoulders, cheers."
- Builder, Glasgow
"We will be a returning customer in the future. Thank you once again."
- Heating Engineer, Lincoln
"Needed our system in a rush, Continental came up trumps again!"
- Builder, Coventry
"Your fast quoting service is a life saver, can't thank you enough."
- Plumber, Ipswich
"Thanks for your help, A* service."
- Heating Engineer, Hampshire
"Continental Underfloor are great suppliers, always there to help and nothing seems a hassle to them."
- Builder, Bristol
"Continental Underfloor are our preferred underfloor heating supplier."
- Builder, Hull
"Thanks so much as usual for the speedy turnaround with the quote. Getting them back the same day helps us greatly!"
- Plumber, London
"Dealing with the same TSA means you get to know them on a personal level..."
- Builder, Southampton
"We get on really well with our Technical Sales Adviser and they even send us the occasional pack of biscuits!"
- Plumber, Somerset
"You guys know what you are doing and you do it well. Many thanks."
- Heating Engineer, Halifax
"We always have everything delivered on time and to the correct specification."
- Heating Engineer, Manchester
"Very impressed with the approachable professionalism from you and your team."
- Installer, Bath
"Customer is very pleased and I hope this will lead into future sales for us both."
- Builder, Sheffield
"Needed the kit last minute, you came up trumps again, thanks guys."
- Heating Engineer, Bradford
"Thank you very much for doing that for me, you've made my life much easier, thanks you and I will be in touch soon."
- Installer, Essex
"Your service and knowledge goes a long, long way."
- Plumber, Harrogate
"Your technical knowledge really saved the day, many many thanks."
- Heating Engineer, Bristol
"Over the moon with how easy it was to install."
- Installer, Leeds
"Needed a last minute revision to the plans, no problem for you and sorted in no time. Thanks again."
- Builder, Ipswich
"Thanks for your recent assistance on this. Much appreciated."
- Builder, Berkshire
"Seriously a great bit of kit..."
- Plumber, Croydon
"Very pleased, I have recommended you to others on your products and service you provide."
- Installer, Essex
"Great work, a quote back to us very quickly... and late on a Friday. Thank you."
- Plumber, Bath
"I’m overjoyed with how the system works on both floors, your service and the kit exceeded my expectations."
- Heating Engineer, Lincoln
"You always go the extra mile for my company, can't thank you enough."
- Builder, Essex
"Great service and products. I've worked on many a site where Continental has been involved."
- Plumber, Leeds
"You've taken a huge weight off of my shoulders, cheers guys."
- Builder, Bradford
"From the moment the client decides that they want underfloor heating, Continental see the process through from start to finish."
- Builder, Hull
"Your offer has gotten me the job, I can't thank you enough."
- Installer, Bath