Underfloor heating case studies

Continental Underfloor design and supply underfloor heating packages direct to the trade. Take a look at some of the reasons why our customers choose to use us again and again.

No matter what your pipe centres are, the EasyFix™ ClipTrack system ensures that measuring is easy, and helps you keep all the pipework nice and straight.

Extension to an existing property - Somerset

Products: SUPERflex™, EasyFix™ ClipTrack and therM


It’s always good to get a recommendation. These new clients in Somerset had heard about us from a friend, who had one of our systems installed 10 years ago. Based on their friend’s experience, they decided to ask us to quote for a system for their new extension.

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A new client needed an underfloor heating system for his new home. A friend in the trade recommended Continental Underfloor, so he got in touch with us.

Ground floor system - Suffolk

Product: therM app-controlled system

The client wanted to heat his ground floor using underfloor heating. The ground floor consisted of a large open plan area with full-height windows. We realised that we would need to design the system a little differently to accommodate these large windows into the build.

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Converted oast house had different floor constructions on the ground and first floor – and our customer wanted underfloor heating to be run by a renewable heat pump.

Single-pour screed - East Sussex

Products: AluPlas® pipe and AluPlates™

Our customer opted to use a traditional single-pour screed method (also known as “insulation under slab”). This approach isn’t used very often these days, as there are now more efficient methods available. However, this didn’t stop us from designing and supplying the right system for their project and meeting our customer’s requirements.

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Continental’s advisers always love a challenge, and this project certainly got them thinking... The customer wanted to go for full glazing throughout on the south elevation of the building.

New build - Lyme Regis, Dorset

Products: therM and HeatMax™ floor probe

Continental’s advisers always love a challenge, and this project certainly got them thinking... The customer was building a designer house overlooking the English Channel. He wanted to go for full glazing throughout on the south elevation of the building. 

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With the joisted floor, the client opted for our EasyFix™ AluPlate™ system, which paired with Continental’s SUPERflex™ pipe, made it simple to install.

Renovation - Clifton, Bristol

Products: SUPERFlex™, AluPlates™

Keeping it simple is one of our core philosophies at Continental, and we’ll always strive to give the customer the easiest solution. Increasingly, customers are increasing their property footprint and extending their homes. This can cause potential issues with different floor constructions, which means a combination of underfloor heating installations.

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The client had two large floor areas to cover, and had been installing our underfloor heating for over ten years, and often calls us for a second opinion on installations, due to our expertise.

New build - High Legh, Manchester

Products: HeatMax™ Manifold, HeatMax™ Rotary Dial thermostat’s

Continental’s regular customers come to us with challenging scenarios they need solving. Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that provide the greatest satisfaction.

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Combining different set-ups can be tricky - but at Continental, we have a solution for any project.

New Build - Lincolnshire

Product: therM₂

Smart thermostats are fast becoming a lot more widespread in the current market. The need for fast, efficient systems that are easy to control is growing rapidly.

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Underfloor heating had already been chosen for the ground floor, but a decision still had to be made about how to heat upstairs...

New build - Durham, Newcastle

Products: SUPERflex™ pipe, AluPlate™ fit-from-below

Underfloor heating on a first floor… is it possible? It is with Continental. We offer a range of fitting systems for all floor constructions, dispelling the myth that underfloor heating isn't suitable for intermediate floors.

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To keep weight down to a minimum, our Technical Sales Adviser also suggested he use our SUPERflex™ pipe.

Log Cabin - Bath, Somerset

Products: AluPlate™ fit-from-above, SUPERflex™ 16mm pipe

It's not every day we come across unusual projects, but a Norwegian log cabin in Somerset was certainly one.  

Our client wasn't sure whether underfloor heating was a viable option for his project. If it were possible, what would be his best options?

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When installing the pipework, the decoiler gave a hassle-free way of uncoiling the pipe without needing a second person to assist on the job.

New build - Exeter, Devon

Product: AluPlas® with pipe decoiler

There are still tradesmen in the UK that haven't had much experience of installing underfloor (yet...).  For this particular project, the installer hadn't fitted an underfloor heating system before, so he needed as much help and advice he could get.

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These state-of-the-art controls can connect to the internet over WiFi, so you can control your heating remotely with a smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

App-controlled thermostats - Isle of Wight

2 x plots
69m² per plot
Little Spinney, Isle of Wight

Product: therM® app-controlled thermostat

Underfloor Heating has developed over the years, and in this time it has become even more effective and smarter.  From having the latest energy efficient water pump, to thermostats that automatically turn on when you get within a set distance of your home, it's always evolving.

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As the floor deck needed to be in place for structural purposes, there was only a void underneath for the underfloor heating installation.

New build - Truro, Cornwall

Product: AluPlate™ Fit-from-below

Continental has systems that suit all building types and floor constructions - so whatever the project specifies, we'll find a solution. In this case, the customer was unsure whether he could have underfloor heating throughout the property, as the first-floor deck was already installed.

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This 1960s bungalow was to be completely refurbished and modernised. Working with the developer and heating engineers, we came up with the optimum system, including the use of our SlimFix® insulated panel's.

Refurbishment - Shottenden, Kent

Product: SlimFix® 25mm composite panel

Worried about installing  underfloor heating? Don't be. Continental Underfloor will work alongside you - and what's more, you'll speak with the same adviser from start to finish.

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At Continental we have an off-the-shelf HeatMax™ small area pack suitable for up to 28m².

Conservatory - Solihull, Birmingham

Product: HeatMax™ small area pack

Our client for this conservatory build came to us with a short but clear brief. Underfloor heating had been an oversight, and they were due to lay the screed within a few days. "Can Continental deliver?"  The answer was yes.

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The developer on this project knew that he could rely on us, from quotation to delivery.

Barn conversion - Ceredigion, Wales

Products: EasyFix™ ClipTrack, Pipe decoiler

Our client was working on a barn conversion with a large ground floor, which had a traditional floor make up. Speed and efficiency are always vital cogs in any renovation or new build. When you're trying to keep to a tight schedule and arrange for multiple trades to arrive on site, it can get very stressful.

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Continental Underfloor kit being used on a number of previous sites, the developer contacted us for a quote.

Renovation - Estomber, Portugal

Product: ClipTrack

The developer had initially been taken on because of their experience with natural swimming pools. The customer was pleased with the developer's professional approach and insistence on using only premium products, so extended the contract for work on the property as well as the pool.

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Underfloor heating looked like the best option because it is mainly radiant rather than convective heat.

Church conversion - Plymouth, Devon

Product: AluPlas® pipe with ClipTrack

A church renovation is fraught with potential issues: the buildings are old, much of the furniture is fixed, the floors are generally stone, and the floors have been in place for a very long time. Another reality is that most traditional churches are cold…

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Having worked with Continental Underfloor before, the heating engineer contacted us again to come up with a plan.

Barn conversion - France

Products: SUPERflex™, EasyFix™ AluPlate™

The client had previously renovated a customer's property in the UK, and had the opportunity to develop a holiday home in France. The gîte in Naillat would include a heat pump as a heat source and underfloor heating throughout. There was to be a new solid floor on the ground floor, with joist construction planned for the two upper floors. The project was a combination of existing and new build areas, so required a number of different install solutions.

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The plumber contacted Continental Underfloor, as we'd been recommended to him.

Kitchen renovation - Hythe, Kent

Product: AluPlas®

The customer was doing an extensive kitchen and dining renovation which involved completely replacing the ground floor. Having recently purchased the property he was keen to complete the floors before any of the additional works. Not wanting to go to the expense of commissioning detailed architectural plans, he employed a pencil and a tape (and no ruler…) so that underfloor heating could be priced.

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When the plumbing contractor was approached to tender for the works, he suggested underfloor heating as an alternative heating solution.

9 Property development - Isle of Wight

Product: Fit-from-below EasyFix™ AluPlate™

The Solent Lawns development properties had been designed as "upside-down" houses, giving the first floor living areas stunning views - an increasingly popular house design. The specification for all 9 properties was radiator heating throughout.

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The therM® control range from Continental Underfloor was used not only to control the underfloor zones individually, but was simple to retrofit on the existing thermostat that was controlling the radiator system.

Renovation - Windy Hall, Powys

Products: therM® Controls, AluPlas®, EasyFix™ AluPlate™

The customer was doing an extensive renovation that involved completely replacing the ground floor and adding a small extension on the first floor, incorporating a larger master bedroom and ensuite.

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A unique opportunity came up for a different type of heating – installing a system on a contemporary houseboat.

Barge conversion - House boat

Product: EasyFix™ AluPlate™

A unique opportunity came up for a different type of heating – installing a system on a contemporary houseboat. The builders had decided to use a heat pump for the heating system and needed a low temperature heat emitter to compliment it.

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We realised that his heating specification was down to floor covering rather than anything else, as the customer hadn’t realised that underfloor heating can be an excellent system with virtually any flooring.

New build - Long Ditton, Surrey

Product: SUPERflex™

The customer of this new build project in Surrey was very specific with his instructions. The heating system was to be underfloor in the kitchen and wet rooms, with radiators in the remainder of the ground floor. All materials installed in the property had to be of the highest specification.

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The upstairs heating was originally specified as radiators, however, the developer decided that he’d like underfloor heating throughout the properties.

2x Identical new builds - Leicestershire

Product: SlimFix™ 25mm composite panel

A developer was constructing two identical two-storey properties.  The ground floors were to have conventional liquid screed floors, with the underfloor heating pipes laid onto the insulation and the screed poured on top. The upstairs heating was originally specified as radiators, as the first floor deck had already been laid.

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There’s a misconception that underfloor heating is for ground floors only – happily, this isn’t the case.

20 luxury flats - London

Product: SlimFix™ 25mm composite panel

There’s an increasing trend to develop urban industrial buildings and other older properties into flats.

The apartments in this luxury London development needed to be finished to a very high standard. However, in large city-based projects, there are often challenges with timescales, poor access, and limited storage.

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“Should we move or improve?” Underfloor heating is a popular option – it gives their property an added wow factor and a slice of affordable luxury.

Renovation - Halifax, West Yorkshire

Product: EasyFix™ AluPlate™, battened floor

“Should we move or improve?”

That’s the question many homeowners are asking themselves these days, and an increasing number of them are opting for home improvements as the cheaper option. Underfloor heating is a popular option – it gives their property an added wow factor and a slice of affordable luxury.

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