Underfloor heating case studies

For 20 years, we been at the forefront of the underfloor heating industry. We’ve supplied tens of thousands of fully designed systems – and during this time, not a single one has failed.

Take a look at some of the reasons why our customers choose to use us again and again.
No matter what your pipe centres are, the EasyFix™ SpeedTrak™ system ensures that measuring is easy, and helps you keep all the pipework nice and straight.

Extension to an existing property - Somerset

Products: SUPERflex™, EasyFix™ SpeedTrak™ and Quantum controls

It’s always good to get a recommendation. These new clients in Somerset had heard about us from a friend, who had one of our systems installed 10 years ago. Based on their friend’s experience, they decided to ask us to quote for a system for their new extension.

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Converted oast house had different floor constructions on the ground and first floor – and our customer wanted underfloor heating to be run by a renewable heat pump.

Single-pour screed - East Sussex

Products: AluPlas® pipe

Our customer opted to use a traditional single-pour screed method (also known as “insulation under slab”). This approach isn’t used very often these days, as there are now more efficient methods available. However, this didn’t stop us from designing and supplying the right system for their project and meeting our customer’s requirements.

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With the joisted floor, the client opted for our EasyFix™ AluPlate™ fit-from-above system, which paired with Continal’s SUPERflex™ pipe, made it simple to install.

Renovation - Clifton, Bristol

Products: SUPERFlex™, AluPlate™ fit-from-above

Keeping it simple is one of our core philosophies at Continal, and we’ll always strive to give the customer the easiest solution. Increasingly, customers are increasing their property footprint and extending their homes. This can cause potential issues with different floor constructions, which means a combination of underfloor heating installations.

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The client had two large floor areas to cover, and had been installing our underfloor heating for over ten years, and often calls us for a second opinion on installations, due to our expertise.

New build - High Legh, Manchester

Products: HeatMax™ manifold, Quantum dial thermostats

Continal’s regular customers come to us with challenging scenarios they need solving. Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that provide the greatest satisfaction.

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Underfloor heating installation is now part of most plumbers’ skills sets. Underfloor heating is increasingly common, and is becoming accepted as a better heat emitter than other products.

New build - Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

Product: AluPlas® & SlimFix®-TR

Underfloor heating installation is now part of most plumbers’ skills sets. Underfloor heating is increasingly common, and is becoming accepted as a better heat emitter than other products.

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Combining different set-ups can be tricky - but at Continal, we have a solution for any project.

New Build - Lincolnshire

Product: Quantum digital thermostat

Smart thermostats are fast becoming a lot more widespread in the current market. The need for fast, efficient systems that are easy to control is growing rapidly.

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Sometimes, the customer isn't sure what their final heat source will be before the underfloor needs to be installed.

Holiday cottages - Inverness, Scotland

Product: Adaptable UFH system

Over the years, Continal Underfloor has seen many types of different systems designed and installed, adding to our team's portfolio of knowledge and experience.

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Underfloor heating had already been chosen for the ground floor, but a decision still had to be made about how to heat upstairs...

New build - Durham, Newcastle

Products: SUPERflex™ pipe, AluPlate™ fit-from-below

Underfloor heating on a first floor… is it possible? It is with Continal. We offer a range of fitting systems for all floor constructions, dispelling the myth that underfloor heating isn't suitable for intermediate floors.

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